Heritage Homes - what you need to know

Longing to live in a grand old Victorian, palatial Federation or an elegant art deco?

Heritage homes are very much sought after in Melbourne, but with their timeless beauty comes great responsibility and a bunch of restrictions.

Before I go down the rabbit hole of heritage homes and important things to ask before buying a heritage property, it is important to understand what “heritage” actually means.

Generally, heritage can be defined as anything that is, or will be, inherited. Heritage is anything that has been passed down from previous generations and is of importance to the history of a particular group of people, community, state, country or the whole world. By anything, I mean that this can include buildings, places, valued objects, natural environments, qualities, languages and/or cultural traditions.

The main takeaway from this is that heritage is not just old buildings!
I’ll only focus on homes because this is your area of interest and hence why you are here.

Homes can be formally recognised to be of heritage significance if they provide evidence of a particular aspect of our history, that is, they help tell the story of how things used to be and why they are how they are now.

In Victoria there are two types of heritage protection.

Local councils are responsible for local heritage within their municipality, and the Victorian State Government (Heritage Victoria and The Heritage Council of Victoria) are responsible for state heritage.