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North Melbourne | 3051

“A quaint array of beautiful streets with period aesthetics, spirited culture, and working-class roots…”

  • Quick walk to CBD
  • 19th-century architecture
  • Down-to-earth
  • Vibrant nightlife
  • Multicultural influence

Transport and Proximity

A gate to the city, North Melbourne’s boundaries meet Parkville, Carlton, West Melbourne, and Melbourne itself. A short stroll or bicycle ride south down King and William Streets means landing in the bustling CBD in no time, explaining the healthy rental demand from corporate professionals, academics, students, and night staff. With direct train lines branching across the metropolitan north and west (and beyond), North Melbourne station affords single-stop access to Flagstaff and Southern Cross stations, while Citylink allows rapid arrival on the other side of town. Medical practitioners favor the suburb, as the city’s major hospitals sit on North Melbourne’s border with Parkville and Melbourne city, with additional sites for the Royal Melbourne and Women’s hospitals confirmed for North Melbourne’s Arden precinct.

Aesthetic, Appeal, and History

North Melbourne encapsulates the famous culture Melbourne is known for. Offering some of the best value buys on the inner-city market, the area wears its industrial heritage with pride. Warehouses, factories, workshops, and showrooms take the form of beautiful brick freeholds, with opportunist eyes reimagining the properties into cutting-edge residential spaces with authentic old-world features. Highlighted by exquisite Victorian terraces and endearing workers’ cottages, the North Melbourne streetscape shows off its humble roots, with heritage overlays meaning the suburb remains true to itself. Slated for transformation, the proposed ‘Macaulay’ subdivision would optimize the suburb’s western edge, while not disrupting what it is that makes North Melbourne distinct.

Vibrancy and Lifestyle

At its most energetic when the sun sets, North Melbourne’s nightlife centres around the pubs, bars, and restaurants in the Errol Street precinct, spilling into adjacent Melbourne city and West Melbourne to ensure a great night, every night. Its residents primarily single socialisers, the area appeals to younger people and new families, thanks to a vibrant collection of venues and proximity to the city. Incredible coffee is available from sporadically appearing cafés like the rustic Roasting Warehouse, while ever-brimmed gastro pubs in the Leveson and Courthouse Hotel, along with the iconic Comic’s Lounge, attract crowds toward Errol Street from across the city.

Buzzing Wednesday night crowds make their way on foot to Queen Victoria Market to enjoy the best of global cuisines, while fresh produce and memorabilia is dealt daily to the masses.

The Locale and Reputation

Forever understated, the suburb embraces its range of social classes, taking pride in the liveliness this diversity is responsible for. North Melbourne’s residents love it for what it is. A quaint array of beautiful streets with period aesthetics, spirited culture, and working-class roots.

10 Things North Melbourne is Known For

  • North Melbourne Football Club and Recreation Centre, 204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne
  • The Comic’s Lounge, 1/26 Errol Street, North Melbourne
  • The Leveson, 46 Leveson Street, North Melbourne
  • The Courthouse Hotel, 86-90 Errol Street, North Melbourne
  • The Castle Hotel, 56 Courtney Street, North Melbourne
  • Town Hall Hotel, 33 Errol Street, North Melbourne
  • Amiconi Restaurant, 359 Victoria Street, West Melbourne (On the border of North Melbourne and West Melbourne)
  • Roasting Warehouse, 19-21 Leveson Street, North Melbourne
  • Meat Market Event Spaces (Former Metropolitan Meat Market), 3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
  • Lort Smith Animal Hospital, 24 Villiers Street, North Melbourne

Public Transport

  • North Melbourne Railway Station (CBD in 1 stop)
  • 57 Tram, Flinders Street Station to West Maribyrnong
  • 58 Tram, West Coburg to Toorak
  • 19 Tram, Flinders Street Station to North Coburg
  • 59 Tram, Flinders Street Station to Airport West
  • 402 Bus, East Melbourne to Footscray Station
  • 959 Bus, City to Broadmeadows



  • North Melbourne Primary School, 210 Errol Street, North Melbourne


  • North Melbourne Grammar College, 41 Boundary Road, North Melbourne
  • St Michael’s Primary School, 4/18 Brougham Street, North Melbourne
  • St Aloysius College, 19 Sutton Street, North Melbourne
  • Simmonds College, 273 Victoria Street, West Melbourne (On the border of North Melbourne and West Melbourne)
  • Haileybury College, 383 King Street, West Melbourne (800m from North Melbourne boundary)