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Strathmore | 3041

“Thanks to its green infusion, Strathmore presents calming streetscapes across its entirety.”

  • Easy CBD access
  • Diverse architecture
  • Lauded schools
  • Adored shops/cafés
  • Parks and trees

Transport and Proximity

Offering easy access to the CBD via direct train and CityLink tollway, Strathmore sits approx. 11km from Melbourne’s heart. One of the northwest’s most sought-after spots, its oddly shaped boundaries meet Essendon in the south, Essendon North in the west, Pascoe Vale and Pascoe Vale South in the east, Oak Park in the north, and Strathmore Heights in the northwest, while curving to neighbour Essendon Airport and Essendon Fields. Thanks to its position along the major corridor of Pascoe Vale Road, locals to suburbs further north aspire to own in Strathmore, with its vista-rich rolling hills, generous blocks, and leafy charm. Journeys in and around Strathmore are typically made in the family car, with the Moonee Ponds Creek trail a favourite for exercise.

Aesthetic, Appeal, and History

Taking cues from each of its surrounding suburbs, Strathmore comprises an eclectic array of architectural styles, spanning mid-century brick veneer and weatherboard builds, classic California bungalows, cutting-edge modern constructions, and the occasional Victorian or Edwardian marquee home. Figuratively split into 3 distinct sections (or 4 with the inclusion of Strathmore Heights), the suburb’s east, A.K.A. ‘Old Strathmore’, accounts for a high proportion of prestige properties, with its single-dwelling covenant preventing the sprawl of townhouses, instead attracting families to craft their dream homes. Due to this, along with undulating terrain and slightly lower values in the Strathmore’s hilly north (beyond the Tullamarine freeway), most adventurous or multi-residence builds take place in the suburb’s west.

Affording uninterrupted views of Napier Park’s nationally significant River Red Gum trees, Glenbervie Road is often seen as the area’s most coveted, while border-straddling Woodland Street is held in similar regard. Running parallel to Woodland is the peaceful Rosebank Avenue, adorned with the beautiful Rosebank (c.1845).


Vibrancy and Lifestyle

Thanks to its green infusion, Strathmore presents calming streetscapes across its entirety. Unequivocally an area for families, this proud focus is exemplified by its dwelling breakdown, with approx. 79% of residential properties classed as standalone houses. It’s for this reason that the suburb is seen as a safe one, where neighbours greet one another, and kids ride bicycles in side streets. A favourite for afternoon strolls, early morning runs, and Sunday rides, Strathmore’s scattered parks, sporting ovals, and creek trails see countless families enjoy their picturesque locale, before heading to Lloyd Street’s Buddy Espresso for a late morning latté. The adjoining Napier Street village sees visits from across the northwest, with delectable Asian fusion on offer at KG4435, along with standout fish & chips and area’s best pies and vanilla slices from award-winning Gusto Bakery.


The Locale and Reputation

A slight variation on its earlier-developed, southern neighbours Essendon and Moonee Ponds, Strathmore offers dependably generous blocks and homes that typically allow buyers to push design boundaries. Forever a staple for comfortable families, it’s looked up to by many in nearby northern suburbs of Oak Park and Glenroy as a tangible goal to achieve one day: To raise a family in its tranquil streets.

10 Things Strathmore is Known For

  • Buddy Espresso, 12 Lloyd Street, Strathmore
  • Sculli’s IGA, 1 Lloyd Street, Strathmore
  • Gusto Bakery, 285 Napier Street, Strathmore
  • KG4435, 325 Napier Street, Strathmore
  • A Delicious Afare, 303 Napier Street, Strathmore
  • Pizzicotto, 68/70 Woodland Street, Strathmore
  • Napier Park, 225 Napier Street, Strathmore
  • Lebanon Reserve and Strathmore Football Club, 49 Melissa Street, Strathmore
  • Alf Pearce Reserve Fenced Dog Park, 5 First Avenue, Strathmore
  • The Corner Café on Woodland, 62-64 Woodland Street, Strathmore

Public Transport

  • Strathmore Railway Station
  • 469 Bus, Moonee Ponds to Keilor East
  • 512 Bus, Strathmore to East Coburg


  • Strathmore Secondary College, 400 Pascoe Vale Road, Strathmore
  • Strathmore Primary School, 14-34 Lloyd Street, Strathmore
  • Strathmore North Primary School, Mascoma Street, Strathmore
  • St. Vincent de Paul Primary School, 92-114 Woodland Street, Strathmore