Moderne & Art Deco (1920s to 1940s)

Roof Form

Low pitched hipped roof form sometimes concealed by parapet, projecting bay to facade, chimneys often external to walls.


Generally, dark-glazed tiles to the roof. Walls are red, clinker or cream brick, sometimes finished with textured render.

Facade Composition and Form

Freestanding or a maisonette (duplex), asymmetrical (L-shaped) in plan, prominent entrance porches (generally central) with tall parapets, enclosed with square openings or supported by double columns. Curved corners.


Tall, face brick or rendered. Sometimes indented band at cap, square or rectangular in plan, can be tiered.


Curved corners, sometimes with single courses/sections of exposed brick to form a pattern, horizontal bands of moulding, abstracted classical or geometric details to porches.

Windows and Doors

Single or pairs of double-hung timber sash windows, plain glazing. Often at corners. Single entrance door underneath the porch.


Medium to deep setbacks behind a front garden.


Low, patterned brick wall (generally matching house) with brick piers, generally mild steel gates.