Victorian Duplex and Terrace (1860s to early 1890s)

Roof Form

Low-pitched hipped, M-hipped roof. Sometimes gabled or transverse gabled roof (ridge running parallel to the street). Early duplexes and terraces may have a shared roof form with no party walls. Later, roof form hidden behind a parapet. Projecting party walls, chimneys and a prominent concave or convex veranda. The bull nose profile became popular for verandas in the 1890s.


Roof and veranda clad with slate (sometimes patterned) or corrugated iron. Polychrome brick or cement render (to resemble stone) to the walls, cement render and cast cement ornament to the parapet. Tessellated tiles to the veranda floor, sometimes marble. The plinth, threshold and windowsills are bluestone.

Facade Composition and Form

Duplex (2 dwellings) or terraces in form [three or more dwellings], single or double fronted, one or two storeys tall. Two Storey terraces have a double height veranda. Each terrace with a generally symmetrical facade, often with an integrated parapet design. Where used, veranda supports are cast iron or timber columns. Single fronted dwellings have a single or pair of sash windows located next to an offset door.


Brick chimneys often hidden behind the parapet, either rendered or corbelled. 1880s terraces often have an elaborate cornice to the chimney.


The elaboration of the parapet varies, but generally with a deep cornice moulding, stuccoed and decorated in relief with pilasters, balusters, brackets, scrolls, floral motifs and often topped with a Greek pediment. Cast cement brackets beneath the eaves, cast iron lace to the veranda and first-floor balustrade. Coloured or stained glass to windows and door surrounds.

Windows and Doors

Four panel doors (sometimes with fan light and sidelights) and single or pairs of double hung sash windows (sometimes with sidelights). Bluestone threshold and windowsills.  


Set close to the street, or with a small to medium set back allowing for front garden.


Timber picket or cast-iron palisade fences on a stone plinth with end piers, pedestrian gates.